Summer is almost upon us!

For some of us, summer can mean a temporary move. For snowbirds, college students, and travelers (even in these uncertain traffic-light times!) – seasonal storage involves more than just the winter belongings. Here are some tips for those relocating for the summer:

Clear Out

Sometimes it’s hard to think past the relocation to what will be coming after it, but it’s important to get rid of the things you aren’t going to need upon your return. Will you be moving off campus and out of the dorms? You probably won’t need the mini-fridge or the dorm-sized bedding and furniture. Will you be returning to a furnished apartment? You can probably get rid of that old couch. Reselling what textbooks you can and donating anything extra will save you time and money in the long run.

With any seasonal storage it’s best to make sure you are getting the right size unit for your needs. It doesn’t make sense to rent a larger space and it can be frustrating to be stuck with something too small.


Long term storage is best done with newer, sturdier boxes and packing materials. Wrapping large items in plastic can cause a build-up of moisture, but wrapping them with white sheets will allow air to flow and will avoid color from bleeding onto the items. Dishes and glasses should be wrapped in plain newsprint when possible and stored with a lot of filler. Books should be stored horizontally in boxes, not on their spines.


It’s important to clean appliances and furniture thoroughly and polish wood pieces to seal them well before long term storage. Mini fridges should be stored ajar for airflow, and other appliances should be thoroughly wiped down and never plugged in while in storage. It may be helpful to make a checklist of things that can and can’t be kept in storage spaces.  For help with this then please check out one of our previous posts here: Better Safe than Sorry.