Better Safe than Sorry.

Hey there!  It may come as a surprise to you, but believe it or not there are a few items out there which you really shouldn’t store in our units.  Most of this is common sense, and we hope and presume that all of our valued clients have this quality in abundance.   However, in the spirit of sharing good information to the masses – the internet elves here at A A Ustore thought this would be a prudent post.

Firearms/Weapons –  Regardless of whether you are properly licensed or not, it is illegal to store firearms in a self-store unit in New-Zealand.  This is a big no, no.

Food – Especially perishable food such as produce, vegetables and rice, even pet food; if left long enough they will spoil.  This is the number one item which attracts bugs and vermin and make it difficult for us to keep our units clean and safe for everyone.

Living things – Animals, plants or even people should not be stored in our units, this also falls into the bug and vermin category if things go too far, not only is this very questionable practice but it is also inhumane.  Remember as tempted as you may be to relocate that senile old uncle of yours, this is not the right place.

Hazardous Materials – This is a very broad area and is often the one that trips a lot of people up.  This is where we rely on your common sense friends so here is a quick rundown of things considered as a hazardous material – explosive/flammable substances, paint, radioactive materials, illegal substances, and anything toxic such as biological waste – this is not an exhaustive list, but we hope you get the idea?

We at A A Ustore know that all our clients know the good from the bad when it comes to storage units, so please take this as nothing more than a friendly and timely reminder about safety as we head further into the Twenty-Twenties.