2021 Is a year for reflection and decluttering

2020 has been an unusual and unprecedented year for everyone.  Covid, has hit a big reset button around the world.  Here in New-Zealand we have been extremely fortunate.  Whilst this virus is far from done, the lock-downs and self-isolations have given many people a chance to pause and reflect.   Not everyone has the coping mechanisms to ride this particular wave, but we New-Zealanders are a hardy bunch!

Now that some of the dust as starting to settle out there, now is the perfect time to take stock. Not just metaphorically, but also in a more literal sense.  We all fall into the same trap somewhere along the line. We hold onto so many things in our homes – just for ‘that’ rainy day.  Did you know that using a storage unit could be a stepping stone to the big de-clutter you’ve been putting off for so long?

We’ve heard of people out there that follow a simple maxim when it comes to holding onto things – if you don’t use it, or remember it after a year then maybe it’s time to get rid.

In our opinion that translates to selling, recycling, gifting or upcycling before you consider sending it to the landfill; that way you can do your bit for the environment at the same time as clear out that cupboard or attic space.

We get it.  There’s always going to be those special items that hold an emotional bond. You couldn’t dream of getting rid of it.  You need more space though?  So what do you do?  Storage units are an affordable way of removing some of the clutter around your home, and can help to give you a fresh perspective on your living space.

In closing we’d like to send out our thoughts and wishes to those that have been specifically affected by Covid, but through properly exercising the rules around cleaning hands, distancing and isolation where needed, we’ve got this.