Our property is purpose built tilt-slab construction with steel roof and doors. Your possessions can be stored securely in our clean, dry ventilated garages.

We are very conscious of the trust you put in us to protect your goods while they are in our units so we have invested in a reliable security system. There is a tight security fence surrounding our premises and the main vehicle entrance can be accessed only using a personalized electronic key tag placed against a sensor next to the gate. Your key tag will open the gate automatically and disarm your unit within our complex.

Please note that our driveway is designed for one way travel only, so that when you or other users are finished accessing a unit, you or they must continue around our complex to the exit gate where another sensor is located. The exit gate is then activated in a similar manner to the entrance. Using your personalized key tag, the exit gate opens automatically and our security system protecting your unit will reset. For this safety reason we advise you to make sure all parties have left the unit before the alarm is reset.

Our system allows us to monitor who is on our premises at any time and the relevant entry and departure times. To ensure any unauthorized entry attempt is detected immediately, our premises are monitored 24 hours each day, 7 days each week by a third party security company to provide added peace of mind for our users.

Recently we added the extra feature of electronic, video monitoring at our site, this has been in response to feedback we have received over the last year, and is here to compliment our existing robust security measures and to give you, our valued customers further peace of mind.