What are your plans for after Easter?

It’s been a little while since our last post.  Well, we wouldn’t want to constantly inundate you all now?  A lot has happened in recent times, most of it negative alas.  What has been heartening however is that, at the same time we have seen positive and supportive responses from all around the world!  With Prince William’s recent visit to our neck of the woods it’s nice to know that the inclusive culture of New-Zealand is being noticed elsewhere.  As always we at A A Ustore send our thoughts and wishes out to anyone affected by the terrible events of recent times.

To finish on a lighter note, and since we are a tough and resilient bunch – what are you plans for after Easter?  Moving home, traveling or even staying put?  Storage is always a challenge, and whilst we may not be able to help with your traveling (except maybe to be a little jealous if you’re headed to exotic places!) – we can certainly lend a hand when it comes to storage.  Whether you need storage for the short term, or the long term, why don’t you look us up and have a chat, we’ll be happy to discuss your specific requirements.