Let’s get social!

We at Ustore storage units like to think we know our customers.  Their needs, requirements, likes and dislikes.  However no amount of market research can give you a true feel for this.  Did you know we have a presence on a number of well known social websites? Whether it’s Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or even Neighbourly we are there!

This isn’t just about keeping you, our current and future customers informed.  It’s about engaging with you, and encouraging your feedback.  Reach out and talk to us!  We don’t bite (honest).  This can be done in a number of ways.  For example you can like our Facebook Page, and even leave a rating. Or connect with us through Neighbourly and rate us.  You can even post a comment on our blog!

To that end we thought it might be fun to run a small promotion.  For the next month if you “reach out” to us through one of our social sites or comment on our blog.  You could be entered into a draw to win a week free when you rent a unit!  Here’s the critical part, when you “reach out”, make sure you take a screenshot of your efforts.  This will be needed to verify you are eligible for the draw (each unique social interaction can count as an entry folks so get creative).  Save your screenshot as either a JPG and a PNG file and send it to promotions@ustore.net.nz

The terms are straight forward:-

  1. This is open to all existing and new tenants.
  2. Each entry needs to be verified with a screenshot.
  3. New tenants must sign for a minimum of 1 month subject to storage unit size availability.
  4. Closing date for this promotion is midnight on 10th July 2017
  5. The draw will take place the day after the closing date.
  6. The result will be published on our website.
  7. The promotion winner cannot request the equivalent as money (existing tenants will get a reduction is charges in line with 1 week of rent).
  8. Anything offensive sent will be disqualified immediately (use your common sense please).
  9. The judges decision is final.
  10. For new tenants this prize offer expires after 3 months.

Without further a do, it’s time for you to get social