Store those Winter Woollies!

With Christmas over with, and the New Year well under way it’s time to think about making space for your summer outfits! If you have a storage unit, or you are thinking about the benefits of hiring one, then this can be the ideal solution for you. Think about it? Winter is only a few months of the year, but it does return eventually. Therefore why not store your winter woollies in a safe and secure environment until you next need them? Of course this works the other way around too! In Winter simply swap you Winter Woollies with your Summer togs!

Since we are talking about clothing today perhaps it is timely to think about the way you store your clothes?

Common sense would dictate that you should clean your clothes before putting them in storage, and if stored in the right way you will find they come out smelling fresh and ready to wear later on.

The best advice we can think of is to use vacuum packs which not only prevent your clothes from getting musty but they can also reduce the amount of space you use. The key here is to keep things air-tight which is why you should try to avoid plastic bags and cardboard boxes for your clothes as these can still allow the damp to get in.

A lot of people still seem to use “Moth-balls” when storing clothes but use these with caution in our opinion. They are not 100% effective, and contain chemicals which are not child or pet friendly, add to that the less than pleasant smell associated with them, not ideal.

As a final note remember if you have clothing or any items in storage for that matter, depending on how long you intend to store them for, it’s always a good idea to periodically check them. Try to do this at least once a year as this will minimize the risk of items getting damaged.