Spring is nearly here.

Back in June we gave you an opportunity to engage with us through our various social portals, and even directly through our website, as part of a promotion.  Alas we didn’t receive any entries through our promotions email address.  Our internet elves have been scurrying around making sure everything is running correctly and we are assured that this wasn’t due to any technical glitches.  So we have to assume the instructions for the promotion were just a bit too complicated.

This won’t be our only promotion and we will take on board how things went this time around for the future, so please people do not despair.

In fact if you have any fun promotion ideas of your own, then by all means get in touch through the promotions emails address:-  “promotions@ustore.net.nz” – you never know, you might actually find it rewarding!  Certainly the internet elves will be eternally grateful.

In other news Spring is just around the corner and it is never too late to think about Storage.  Perhaps you’ve got some SKI gear you want to store when the season closes off in the next month or so?  You don’t want to leave it to the last minute to make arrangements so let this serve as a subtle reminder folks.  Or maybe you are off on your travels abroad and needs somewhere to store your important belongings?  One of our mid size units might be just the ticket, along with our security this makes for extra peace of mind.