Packing Hacks!

To hack, or not to hack. That is the question!

The internet elves have decreed that it really is about time we posted another blog entry, this one is all about hacks. It’s always difficult to keep this up and remain fresh and topical, but hey! we’re sure you’ll let us know if we miss the mark right? Well, without further a do lets kick things off with a little storage hack post. Who knows maybe some of you out there have some cool storage hack ideas of your own? Feel free to share them in the comments section.

What do you mean hack?? We don’t mean it in the sense of “cutting with rough or heavy blows.” no no no. What we mean is “a strategy or technique for managing one’s time or activities more efficiently.” Yep! That’s sounds much friendlier 🙂

OK here goes a list of popular hacks to help your storage unit adventure quickly become a breeze! These are by know means unique and please add your own time and space saving ideas in the comments folks!

1) If you dismantle furniture, put of the screws and small bits in a bag and tape to the furniture itself, will make reassembly much less fraught with frustration.
2) If you are pack jewellery try threading your necklaces (except those chunky ones) in a straw? For a tangle free result.
3) Put party plates (paper or better yet Styrofoam), or even tea-towels between your plates to reduce the risk of breakages.
4) Wrap up your ornaments in clothing instead of newspaper, this kills two birds with one stone – it protects the ornaments and also stores your clothes at the same time!
5) This one is a must for those less tech savvy out there, it’s often very confusing reconnecting set-top boxes or even computers so make sure if you are storing any of these that you label the cords.
6) Pack books inside a suitcase, this will make for easier transport as they can get quite heavy.
7) When you purchase a new quilt or bedding keep the zip up plastic packaging as this can be reused for storage, this serves to keep them relatively clean and they will store in a smaller amount of space.
8) Number or label your boxes for easy identification, and if possible keep an up to date list, we can’t stress enough how important this one is!
9) last but by no means least – always store your essential items last, so that they are the easiest to retrieve later.

There’s plenty more hacks out there and we would encourage the clever folk among you to share your amazing tips and ideas here too.