Pack Christmas Decorations the Smart Way

Christmas may only come once a year, it’s traditionally a time for family and sharing gifts, and for putting up those glittery decorations. However, when it comes to packing down and storing your decorations for the next year, it can very quickly become an onerous task if not approached smartly. Hopefully this article will give you some handy tips and pointers.

Small, fragile items, like holiday figurines, can easily be broken. You can pop these inside egg crates and can then be placed inside a larger sturdier box. Partitioned cardboard wine boxes are a great idea for storing items that are a bit larger, such as tree ornaments, and garment/laundry bags are handy for protecting bulky decorations such as outdoor ornaments or decorative wreaths. Artificial Christmas trees are notoriously difficult to fit back into their original packaging, how about using old belts to cinch the pieces of the tree, and it will be easier to pack up?

Storing similar items together will make packing and labeling a lot easier. Gift-wrap, ribbon, bows, tags and similar items ought to be packed together in the same box. Flat plastic storage containers lend themselves well to this sort of job. As odd as it sounds a rubbish bin or a laundry hamper could serve well as a container for this sort of job too!

Having a diagram of your storage layout can save hours of heartache and searching later, if you can take photos when you place things into storage, you may find it invaluable down the track.

Labeling every box of holiday decorations may be tedious, but the effort is well worth it. You will quickly realize that it’s time well spent. An easy way to label holiday boxes is to stick a wide strip of colored duct tape on the outside of the container. Different colors for different decorations! Red tape can be used to label Christmas boxes, orange tape for Halloween boxes and so on. Using duct tape in this way means if you use the box for something else later, you just remove the tape! If your budget stretches to one a business-grade label machine can help with clear and readable labels for your stored items.

As well as labeling keeping a list of your inventory is also crucial to knowing what you have stored and where, if writing things down by hand isn’t your thing and you prefer electronic or smart devices then perhaps you could try using an “APP” for this such as “Magic Home Inventory” on an Android phone or the more useful i-Phone “APP” – “Sortly” which allows you to take photos of your boxes and create printable inventories as well as allowing the use of QR Codes which could be printed and placed on boxes.