Autumn is a time for storing precious things.

Here in New Zealand Autumn lasts from mid March through to June, with the arrival of April we are today reminded of the need to be well prepared for those potential winter days ahead. Luckily most winters in New Zealand tend to be mild (depending on where you live). So why talk about Autumn at all? When we are a Storage Unit Provider? It all boils down to knowing your summer toys and hobby items have somewhere safe to go for those winter months. Whether you are an avid water sports enthusiast with a Jet-Ski? Perhaps you want to store some diving gear ready for when the weather becomes a bit more clement?

It’s all about choice at the end of the day, and not everyone has the luxury of heaps of space at home. This is why a Storage Unit is often a smart idea. If you are extra smart you will keep your eyes peeled for those special deals and short time offers that crop up from time to time.

Autumn is a time for recharging those summer batteries and taking stock. You see it a lot in nature – bears building up their fat reserves ready for hibernation, squirrels foraging for nuts and seeds and storing them in a safe place, now there’s a storage unit expert in the world of nature if ever there was one! All joking aside. It’s “Autumn Clean” time. Your chance to cull that clutter that might be building up at home. Without this clutter you may find your quality of life shift for the better. It’s widely known that too much clutter in the home is an oppressive thing and can get you down, maybe you made a New Year resolution to have a clean out and haven’t “got to it” yet? Here at A A Ustore we believe it’s never too late to act on your resolutions, it’s still early enough in the year to make a difference and in the process build some positive vibes around your home.

So now Autumn firmly has it’s grip on New Zealand take a moment out of your day and consider what this means for you? Is it time for a tidy up at home? Would it be a smart move to consider our Storage Units in your mission? Whatever you choose, we are glad to be of service.